About Me

Kaycee Browning

Hi all! Thanks for visiting! So, a little about me, I’m a graduate student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a degree in Advanced Biblical Studies while also interning with my church. Currently, I’m pursuing an academic career, probably focusing on Biblical and Classical Studies. This blog is mostly a brain overflow for me. Hopefully, you’ll find my rambles edifying, interesting, or, at the very least, entertaining.

A List of Things

  • I have two incredibly cute but incredibly stupid dogs- a dachshund and a chihuahua
  • I DM a homebrewed D&D campaign for an all-girl group and it is every bit as fun as it sounds
  • My favorite story ever is The Bacchae by Euripedes. It’s such a trip.
  • The Prince of Egypt is the only film in this world that can consistently make me cry due to the sheer perfection of it all.
  • I drink 3+ cups of coffee every day. At this point, I am immune to any effect it might have once had. I keep drinking it.

make of this what you will because I certainly don’t know what to make of it


Twitter: @KayceeLBrowning

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