Things I Think About: My Family

My Dad:

I like him.

He might be the most similar and dissimilar person to me in the family.

We’re both quiet, sarcastic, kinda petty, loyal, and hardworking.

He’s conservative. I’m liberal. He’s selfless for his family. I’m selfish in my family. He thinks about his family, I think about the world. Different worldviews fuel our different politics.

Sometimes, that’s hard to talk about. Sometimes it’s easy.

We both don’t like hearing different point-of-views. I say I do, but I don’t. I’m trying to work on that so that we can have better conversations.

He’s really funny.

He laughs so hard he has to take his glasses off to wipe away tears while watching Seinfeld and Friends, especially anything to do with Kramer or Chandler. I love that.

He likes nerdy movies, but he’ll never give me a decent answer when I try to start a Serious and Analytical conversation about one. “Dad, who was your favorite character?” “Oh Umbridge, definitely, she was awesome.” “Dad, what did you think about the family dynamic of those characters?” “Denethor was just trying his best, I think he’s great.” “Dad, which Avenger is your favorite?” “That blue guy from Guardians of the Galaxy. Not Yondu, but the one with the hammer and the infinity stone. Best character Marvel has ever made.”


Randomly surprising though, he watched Queer Eye with me??? And liked it??

My Mom:

She’s great.

Like, really really great.

When I was thirteen, she said I could just read whatever I wanted. I didn’t have to run it by her. That was awesome and exactly what I needed at the time. She knew I was responsible and would never read anything inappropriate. Her vote of confidence insured I never did.

She listens and she’s really good at adapting to my and my siblings’ various interests.

For her entire life, she never read any books. Not in high school, not in college, never. Then one day, she picked up The Picture of Dorian Grey and read the whole thing. She loved it and we had a great conversation about it. Next, she read Jane Eyre. Then, she read all 1000+ pages of The Count of Monte Cristo. She’s moving on to Frankenstein next. I’m astounded.

(Yes, all of those books were suggested by yours truly. Victorian Literature is the best genre I will fight you on that)

She really likes bees. I don’t know why, but it’s pretty cool. She knows a lot of random bee facts.

She really likes Raleigh, NC. It makes me slow down and appreciate where I am. I’m always waiting until the summers so I can just leave. I’m always waiting until after college so I can just leave. She makes me not want to just leave.


my brother purposely looking weird to ruin our perfectly good meme pic. rude.

My Brother:

One of my favs.

He’s the only person who has made me laugh until I cried until I hurt my stomach until I laughed some more.

He’s smarter than me and I try to be pissed off about it but honestly, I’m just proud. I lie and tell people I helped him learn all he knows (I didn’t).

Probably the person I feel most “me” around.

We agree on a lot, so it’s always surprising to find anything we disagree on.

Turns out, he thinks AI could and should possibly take over the creative writing industry. I think very little could be worse for humanity than that. He thinks human thought patterns or something could be uploaded to computers. I think very little could be worse for humanity than that. Our arguments aren’t really arguments though. He cites interesting and relevant information while I just yell “NO!” repeatedly.

I don’t know why he puts up with me sometimes.

We go to the same college and I thought he wouldn’t want to see me that often, but instead he joined the same family group I’m in (kinda like a Bible study but really not sorry non-Summit peeps). That made me really happy.

He makes me want to do the things I love to do.

My First Sister:

When she was born, I actually felt like a big sister and that’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

I’ve always been kinda mean so people just assumed she’s the “sweet one”. There’s a lot of sexism wrapped up in that and she and I talk about sexism a LOT and it’s great.

PSA: She’s not the sweet one. She’s the strong one. You’d be better off fighting me. I’m the loud one. I’ll make your soul shrivel up and rot, but hey, at least you’ll still be technically alive. Can’t say that would be the case if you messed with the First Sister.

I’m not about to test it, anyway.

She lets me and Second Sister play The Sims on her computer. The three of us together have a town comprised of nothing but shenanigans. We made a character who was an amalgamation of the three of us (Krisaree Flemizalaine) and she married Ben Solo because First Sister and I were going through a post-Last Jedi crush on Adam Driver and we outranked Second Sister so Krisaree married him and then had four kids named Marijuana, Casserole, Armitage, and Sandwich Flemizalolo. It’s wild.

Speaking of, we are both feminists so that’s cool. After much discussion, we have decided the most equalizing way to handle the last name situation is to have both parties involved change it to either an amalgamation or, if that sounds stupid, something that represents your relationship (If you both like stargazing, change your last name to “Gazing” or if you’re both feeling boldly extra “Star”).

She’s lowkey romantic lol

My Second Sister:

If memes had a physical embodiment it would be her.

I don’t really know if she likes me or hates me most days but that’s okay, I like her.

She wears Simply Southern shirts and always has Starbucks and has blond (highlights?? lowlights?? Streaks?? Ombre?? idk!) in her hair. I, uh, don’t do any of that.

She fell asleep watching The Last Jedi.

For Christmas, she gave me a beautiful silver bracelet engraved with a phrase she selected and ordered herself. The message? Get Shreked m8!!

I wear it a lot. I like it.

She loves animals so much. She takes care of the Dachshund and the Chihuahua so well, she has two guinea pigs, and a fish named Keith.

She’s devilishly witty. No thirteen-year old should be as quick with a sardonic response or a subtle roast as she is, it’s too much power.

She can sing really beautifully but she only will in the shower when she thinks no one is listening, she typically sings in a way that can only be described as Nasally Opera Meets Hugh Jackman Wannabe Who Has Never Heard Hugh Jackman Or Anyone Else Sing. It’s a particular brand of awful.

Her favorite song to sing in this ethereal tone? Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco.

Her favorite song in general? All-Star by Smash Mouth.

The Dachshund:

YES he’s a member of the family fight me

He’s the only dog we have ever gotten as a puppy so we got to name him. There was a lot of fierce debate. I suggested “Sirius”. First Sister suggested “Padfoot”. I suggested “Chewbacca”. Mom shot down all of those and said we could not name him after a Harry Potter or Star Wars character.

So we named him Teddy. His middle name is Lupin. hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA take that mom and your naming dictatorship the rebellion will rise.

This dog knows how to do nothing. He doesn’t know to sit, how to stay, how to not bark at nothing, how to not jump on people, nothing… except for two things.

He taught himself how to play fetch with a red rubber ball. And he knows how to go to his bed at night.

He likes to cuddle when he gets tired.

He gets brambles caught in his long fur and he needs help picking them out but he doesn’t like getting help, he’s very stubborn, he’d prefer the branches just stay.

The Chihuahua:

Rescue dog. Normally, we don’t rename rescue dogs but his name was Gizmowing and that’s just awful so First Sister changed it to Milo.

He will also respond to Baby Milo, Milu, Meelo, Meelu, Milos, Milos Milosovich, Dos Bub Bub, Malroe, and Baby Malroe.

(This dog has no idea what his name is)

I’m trying to get him to respond to Malfoy. He kinda looks like a ferret.

Very nervous.

Very shaky.

Always needs cuddles.

My Family:

We have a collaborative Funko pop collection.

We all love film. Everything from Marvel films to Oscar-nominated films to sitcoms to TV dramas. Even if we don’t all love a certain thing, we all love to talk about it and share our opinions. It’s fun.

Everyone is introverted except for Mom.

We all love Jesus a lot.

Everyone supports everyone.

The worst part about missions is leaving your family but the best part is leaving knowing that your family encouraged you to do it and is so, so proud of you.

The way our family works now is very different than the way it worked when I was a little kid and the only explanation for the change is the grace we all found in the Gospel.

I really, really love my family.

I think they’re the best people I could have possibly spent the last 21 years with.

Looking forward to another 21 years. (42 better watch out!)

I think there’s a lot more I could say about them, but I’ll stop there.


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